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RIP Pompa 05/10/12
RIP Nanny 09/03/13

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home message past

Crisis averted, my mum is my superhero
She hates the bastards as much as I do, helped me find the behemoth (it was literally the size of my palm) to put it outside and gave my Dad a bollocking.
I will never open my window again, even if I have heatstroke.

I cannot be dealing with this fucking tarantula hiding in my shit right now

why big boobs suck



  • u want to sleep on ur tummy?? ha
  • need a bra that fits you? go a head and try, punk
  • thats a cute dress, it fits u perfect except for your giant melons that get in the way
  • unwanted attention from weird animalistic males
  • running??? u mean slapping urself in the face repeatedly 
  • losing food in your cleavage and having to shove your hand down your shirt to try and get it out 







if i was bisexual i would use this line all the time

I am bisexual and I will, in fact, be using this in the future

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Gakuen BASARA - Summer Days

I thought I would share a few post Ice Bucket Challenge photos.  

After this morning’s sadness, it was so nice to put Yukimura on and just go out and do something completely crazy and silly.  I forget sometimes just how happy cosplay really makes me.  All the smiles here are genuine, because no matter what happens, I’m going to push forward, and do my best the smile all the way, because even through everything, I am still alive and breathing, and that in itself is such a miracle. 

Tacotits as Yukimura, Photos by the Darling Joelle

Margaery Tyrell + tumblr text posts

its been a tough day for Lee Taemin ^^;;

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The Great British Bake Off: a summary


Parent: What does a cow say?

Baby: Moo!

Parent: Yay!! What does a cat say?

Baby: Meow!

Parent: Great job! Now, what does a dog say?

Baby: *deep voice* Aoba

shinee by tumblr

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i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows 


Are we bad people for laughing at the mishaps of kids?